Features and benefits
1.Vrushless DC motor without Hall sensors,hight relibility.Solr energy starts.
Adopt stainess steel screw and rubber stator,permanent brushless motor,with combination of motor and
controller,the Max effciency is pver 85%,raise 25% than traditional AC pump.
2.Hight techniaue products adopting MPPT and DSP chip technique,The MCU can detec the circuit automatically
and can b displayed by LED.
3.the system can be operated automatically by groundwater and tank level detection,as current and voltage
detection,when the curren is overloaded,the system can start automatically
4.water lecer detector/sensor is used to connect the controller and can be used to proter the pump form interence and
to shut off the pump automatically when the tank is full
5Intelligent modular design,simple affordable maintenace.